Overview Edit

BetterChunkLoader is a chunk loading addon developed by our resident developer KaiNoMood. All other chunkloaders from the various mods are disabled and this replaces them.

Each chunkloader can load up to 81 blocks in a square with the block in the center loaded chunk. It has options for 1x1, 3x3, 5x5, 7x7, 9x9. Using chunkloaders is restricted by rank which is explained in detail here.

Usage Edit

To use Kai's BetterChunkLoader you need an Iron block for online only chunkloaders and a Diamond block for offline chunkloaders. To activate the chunkloader you will need a blaze rod.

  1. Place down the block, anywhere is fine just be aware of the chunk borders so you are loading the expected chunks. (press F9 to see chunk outlines)
    Oie NgdJ9FJnDHjt
  2. With your blaze rod in hand right click on the chunkloader you want to activate. Make sure you do this step immediately after placing the block otherwise you will have to place down the block again. Remember Diamond for offline and Iron for online only.
    Better Chunk Loader Menu
  3. Select the appropriate option for the number of chunks you want to load. After this step it should tell you Chunk loader created. You're good to go!
    CHunk Loader Menu with numbers

Attribution Edit

Unlike some of KaiNoMood's other work, this plugin is not Open Source. His GitHub can be found here and his website can be found here.

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