Some simple guidelines.

  • Keep things simple. Adding more information does not always improve the clarity of a subject. As an example, the first sentence here is arguably redundant.
  • Try not to state the obvious. If the reader has made it this far they possess a degree of initiative and will probably be familiar with the absolute basics.
  • Try to keep formal terms intact. "Reward points" and "reward store" should preferably appear in their married versions although exceptions apply, such as when space is limited, or if they have already been stated recently in the same passage.
  • Strike a happy medium between keeping things friendly for international readers and being concise.
  • Keep things as timeless as possible. Every new minor detail (such as modpack versions) is potentially a detail which must be corrected down the line.

Please remember to include noinclude tags at the top and bottom of any article as demonstrated. This allows the superguide to determine which information to show when transcribing content from other pages. Technical explanation: Wikia automatically produces a TOC when you start adding headings, and as this is undesirable, it's is disabled everywhere except the superguide page, which has its own contents. The navbox at the bottom is the reverse, appearing individually but not in the superguide where it would cause clutter. Noinclude tags manage this. If you're just changing a couple of details don't worry about it, basically.

Things to do:Edit

  • Links!


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