First and foremost I would like to welcome you to DeVco servers!

A little background on DeVco is we started as a single Unleashed server roughly 2 years ago with a small group of staff and an average of 20ish players a day. Since then we have grown to a group of 20+ servers with nearly 50 staff and sometimes over 2000 players per day.

We are constantly adding new packs and trying to keep everything as up-to-date as possible. We have a great staff team and there’s nearly always a staff member online to assist players.

At DeVco we feel that staff should be interactive with the player base instead of aloof as many other servers seem to be. All of our staff members play in survival. We do not allow creative play on our servers from anyone.

For more information on staff do’s and do not’s please read this.

We have a large website and sometimes it may be difficult to navigate. So here is a little how-to on our website navigation.

All of our various guidelines and rules are located under Policies in the top menu.

Our server statistics, staff list, member list, server specific information (i.e. Banned Items), Monthly Dimension Reset calendar, and Current Modpack Versions are located under Server Info in the top menu.

We offer help on the forums in two ways, both are listed under Help in the top menu.

The first is FAQ. Where many answers can be found.

The second is webtickets used to get help with crashes or various other issues.

If you need help please use one of these two options or in-game tickets. Any threads posted in Suggestions or General will be referred to use webtickets (this will cut down on forum spam).

For those who wish to donate, please be advised you must register on our forums AND sync your character on Enjin to be able to use the webstore. Also note that purchases are PER modpack. They are not universal. If you make an error in the server selection during purchase submit a webticket immediately to get the points refunded. All purchase information can be found in the Help menu in FAQ.

Hopefully this will help members be able to traverse the website with no issues. If you have any further concerns please submit a webticket and we'll try to remedy any mishaps.


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