• Non-overworld dimensions (Nether, End, Mining) reset regularly.
  • If today’s date is the same as a date listed below, the corresponding server will be reset.
  • Dates can change as new modpacks are introduced.
  • The following schedule is correct as of the addition of ModSauce 2.


Agrarian Skies 2 1st • Banished 2nd • Crundee Craft 3nd • Departed 4th • DeVco Modpack 5th • Direwolf20 6th • Horizons II: Daybreaker 7th • Hubris 8th • Infinity 9th • ModSauce 2 10th • Obscurity 11th • Project Flux 12th • Regrowth 13th • Resonant Rise 3 Mainline 14th • Skyfactory 2 15th • The Dark Trilogy 16th • Test Pack Please Ignore 2 17th • Vanilla 18th



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