Homes are best thought of as custom warps which you can set and travel to at any time. They are set with /sethome <name> and called with /home <name>. Higher ranks have more homes available to set. They incur a 5 second warmup period before activating. Skyblock players have slightly different commands.


/home or /home <name>
/delhome or /delhome <name>
/sethome or /delhome <name>

Skyblock CommandsEdit

/s h or /is home
/is sethome



  • Warps are a useful fast-travel service
  • Common destinations include Nether, End, mining, spawn, etc.


Warps are admin-created teleport points which can be accessed via the in-game /b menu or by using the command /warp <name>. Common warp options include the Nether, the End, spawn, and mining, as well as mall or shop warps. Other destinations may exist which are dependent on your server.

Skyblock WarpsEdit

Skyblock warps function similarly to admin warps and are also used to travel to and from other islands using the command /is warp <name>. The ability to warp to a player's island is disabled by default and may be enabled only by players who are member rank and above.


/warp <name>

Skyblock CommandsEdit

/is setwarp /is togglewarp /is warp - View information about the warp feature /is warp <name>

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