• The Hub is an adjoining "micro-server" connecting all other servers.
  • Its main function is to transport players.
  • It also features a number of light, unrelated activities.


The Hub is a central location where you can reach any of the servers on the DeVco network. No matter what modpack you are currently loading you can reach the Hub and from there get to an appropriate server. This is also where you will end up when you go afk and get kicked from the server or when the server is restarted/shut down. No matter where you were before when connecting to the hub, you will be dropped off in the central location where the server signs are.

Connecting to Servers

There are several methods to connect to each of the servers, ranging from a simple click to wandering the Hub.

Sign Method


Animation showing various sign walls.

The easiest method is to right click any of the signs on the walls in the central spawn of the hub. After clicking once, just wait and you will be connected to the server. If it doesn't load after a few seconds, try again. If it says you are "Attempting to connect to the server" log out and try connecting directly to the server.

Command Method

The other method with little effort is to connect via commands. Each server has a 2-4 letter acronym representing the name of that server. The command is /server <servername>.

Server Name Acronyms
Agrarian Skies ase or asw
Banished ban
CrundeeCraft cce or ccw
Departed dep
DevCo Modpack dev
Direwolf20 dww or dwe
Horizons hz
Hubris hbr
Infinity infn or infe
Modsauce ms
Obscurity obs
Project Flux pf
Regrowth reg
Resonant Rise: Mainline rrm
Skyfactory 2 sfw or sfe
The Dark Trilogy tdt
Test Pack Please Ignore 2 tppi

Exploration Method

The last and method that takes the most effort is the exploration method. Each server has an actual portal somewhere in the hub that you can walk into that will connect you to that server. The portals are spread out pretty far with a decent walk between each. Some of the servers are grouped together in various 'Halls.'



The Hub is designed to entertain players while they wait for their server to restart. You can explore, fight monsters in the arena, or complete three challenges; a maze, parkour, and dropper. There is a plethora of things to find and see in the Hub and I will leave it as an exercise for you to find them all.



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