Brief guide to the wiki's navbox.

  • The Guides section includes instructions from the experience of players, both relating to mod knowledge and to general IT knowledge related to the game.
  • Modpacks includes all the servers/packs DeVco hosts.
  • Mods includes factual information about certain mods, distinct from guides in that it's factual rather than interpretive, but there is obvious overlap (please categorize as you see fit).
  • Network includes everything about DeVco on the web outside of the game, including details about the shop and this wiki.
  • Plugins includes the third-party software DeVco uses to provide its services and is likely for the curiosity of the experienced player.
  • Policies includes all the procedures DeVco maintains in order to operate and is a MUST read for any player, old or new.
  • Servers includes everything to do with the in-game world, the economy and it's locations.

For now I see the wiki hosting these categories for the foreseeable future until some interesting and worthy individual reorders them without the weird conceptual overlap which I couldn't seem to avoid. Until then I hope this is a decent foundation.

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