• Registration is necessary to take advantage of all Devco features.
  • Part of this process involves associating your Enjin account with your Minecraft account ("syncing").
  • For full instructions, see Syncing.


Enjin is a gaming network which provides Devco with much of its frontend structure including the forums and the reward store. In order to take advantage of many of the in-game conveniences Devco provides, you must register an Enjin account and then associate your Minecraft account(s) with your Enjin account, known in the community as "syncing".

Partway through the process you'll be asked to join a vanilla server to verify the connection, so you'll need to be prepared to do so. The version will be the latest and can be found as an option on some launchers or simply by using the Mojang launcher. Upon joining the server you'll be given a code which you can input into the Devco website, finalizing the process.

The above is a very brief outline of the steps involved. If you're having trouble you can see the wiki guide here or the help section's original syncing guide here.


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