VIP Ranks
Rank Points
VIP-stone 300
VIP-iron 600
VIP-gold 1200
VIP-lapis 1800
VIP-diamond 2400
VIP-emerald 3000
  • VIP ranks are a feature of the reward store
  • Higher level VIPs have access to additional privileges
  • VIP ranks can be transferred to a new server if you're a subscriber


Additional ranks, called VIP ranks, are purchased in the reward store. Higher ranks allow access to additional restricted items, depending on the server. (You can check this using the server information page located on the site). They also allow access to additional commands or options, with emerald-VIPs enjoying the greatest amount of freedom available. VIP ranks are available for skyblock servers. Unlike preceding ranks they can't be purchased with in-game money. If you are also a subscriber you may transfer VIP ranks a limited number of times per month.


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